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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Catching Chaos - Volume I

It's time again for a new story. One science fiction and fantasy inspired. Catching Chaos. The tale of a powerful reality-altering being and the efforts involved to stop her. There will be smut. Oh yes there will be transformations. But there will also be adventure.

The first 20 pages are over on my DeviantArt page [ Click Here ]

I will be submitting this much like I did with The Video Game, which can be read over at TGComics.com. This method seemed to work on keeping me focused, as well as providing content rather more often than waiting for an entire finished submission. Less stress on me, that's for sure!
[ Read: The Video Game ]

Here are the characters involved in the story. There's very little information about them yet, but you'll surely learn more about them soon enough.

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I'll also have a round of captions coming soon. Time to bring this blog back to life! And thanks for all of you that still follow me on here.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Big news! Big update! - The Video Game

I'm not even sure if anyone really checks this anymore, but I wanted to be thorough and update just in case. If you hadn't heard yet, I'm an official author over at Femur's TGComics.com now!

My first debut there is a little something I call "The Video Game," which features two best-friend college roommates, who stumble upon a mysterious second-hand video game. You can imagine where it goes from there.

You can read it, in its entirety, by using this link. Or you can simply click on the image below.

You should also notice that it follows one of my latest caption themes. So if you liked that, you'll definitely like this!

Now back to work on TAG ;)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

How neglectful of me...

I apologize for the lack of update on this page, for those of you that still rely on it for my updates. With Twitter and DeviantArt, I've been completely neglectful of this blog.

If you hadn't had a chance to see yet, I'm up to something over on my DeviantArt page. Check it out now!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just a tiny update.

Spring break is officially over for me and I got a whole lot accomplished! I'm still digging for something to share with you guys, but everything is either a mundane panel or a spoiler of some sort, that would ruin the feel of the first journey...

It's quite a dilemma, but in any case it's looking good! I'll likely do some sort of caption post in the very near future, since it's been a while and boy are they popular! I have a few ideas in mind, the problem is how to organize them. The last round was a game-related theme, I think this time I'm going to attempt a film noir short.